Earth: Before the Day of Reckoning

Well, it seems traditional for every 3D artist to model Earth at least once. Here is my go at it. It was my first “true” 3D project as well. It taught me many material related things, ea. ramp shaders, shader values, ray transparency, and composition, and I am very happy with the result.

The title of the project, and therefore the model as well, has roots in a movie project I’ve been working but don’t expect anything from that in a few months, atleast. C&C of course always welcomed and encouraged.


This should be in the WIP forum so I could give you some suggestions. but ok.

It would have gone in the WIP section but I decided to wrap it up and be done with it. Any suggestions you have would still be appreciated.

Can’t. Sorry. Finished Forum is finished, done, finito, stick a fork in it, no crits, no second guessing, no woulda-should-coulda. moving on down the highway, waving to you in my rear view mirror.

OP: I don’t know anything about earth renders so it looks decent to me; I just expect something … suspenseful from the title.

Papa: You … ok over there? You look like your brain got fried from that thread over in OT … :slight_smile:

Quite nice, I like the “bumpiness” of the clouds.

for a space scene the lighting is off. Too smooth across the sphere. The transition from light to dark should be much sharper and more rapid (in lightwave there was a slider called diffuse sharpness, but I’m not sure how to do that in blender)

on another note the atmosphere might extend around the rim abit (kind of like a glow around the silhoette.

It would be good to add some stars

You learn something new everyday, I should pass this information on to my former art teacher who now writes an art critic op-ed for the daily newspaper here. If an art work is hang in the gallery no crits, I think the same should apply to movie, album, books etc its finished work after all no crits

Sweet! Could you load it up?

Papa: The WIP thread is used to apply crits as you go along on the building process of a piece. Any crits posted here would go toward improving upon any pieces I might do in the future.

Star Weaver: Thanks :slight_smile:

Michael: Okay, I suppose the transition could look a bit smoother. I know what you mean about the atmospheric frensnal extending around but I just couldn’t without affecting the way the frensnal looked on the lit side of the Earth. In the end I thought it looked good. And there are stars actually, If you defocus your gaze on the Earth and more on the surrounding space you should notice them.

JohnsonGetDown: I’m just a bit confused?

It looks good if you add more contrast,it´s washed out and a little dark