Earth Blender GLSL (SVN build?)

There’s the link what I’m trying to achieve is this:

Where the sun (lamp/light) hits the surface a normal earth texture is shown. On the dark side the night map is shown. In between the moonlit map will sort of bleed/blend the others together.

Images can be found here

Thanks in advance

PS: I’m in a hurry so sorry if it’s a bit messy XD

James Out.

Pretty sure that you forgot to pack your textures.

To do this, click File–External Data–Pack data

Well, the GLSL effect of fading during the “dark area” seems to work for me (which is good, because if it works for me on my laptop, I’m pretty dang sure it’ll work just about anywhere!). But you forgot to pack your textures. :frowning:

Edit: Sambassador beat me to it.

Darn it, I always forget. I’ll re-upload in a sec.

Sorry that wasn’t a sec XP