Earth Colossus

Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted anything here. But than again didn’t do much of anything to be posting about. I saw a contest on deviant art for the game Rift. Not sure if any of ya seen it. Anyway… I came up with some ideas and did one of’em in Blender, thought I might give it a shot. Was pretty happy with the result. 'Till I showed it to a bunch of friends and they all went : “Awsome! … what is it?” So I was wondering what you guys thought. Any comment (yes, even trolling) is wellcome.
This is the finished blender image.
And this is a little bit of photoshop.

I know what it is! Alien life on Titan :slight_smile:

I know that contest I entered into it yesterday. I tried to post it on here but couldn’t.

By the awesome picture though I’m confused on why it is a colossus. What I mean is that does it float or is it connected to the ground.

Legs connect it to the ground. Just can’t be seen cause of the sand storm beneath… which is basicly a cloud shinned with a yellowish light… Was wondering if I should make it less denser. Now it seems it can be improved by simply making the clouds more transparent and rigging him a bit diferentlly…
Here’s a quick tip for everyone. When makeing a character (one thats basicly not like anthing you’ve seen before) always make sure you show it to a couple of people before you post it to some contest :S
Simple changes might make big improvements.