EARTH COMMANDO ( teaser update 1 )

Hi everybody!

Here are a few new teaser shots of my first attempt at a game in Blender. Probably after a week or so I’ll release a first demo containing a full level and one or two level previews. I want maximum quality and result, so progress is slow.

Some data on the game:

  • All textures, modelling and programming made by me

  • No python used

  • Quite a few textures are 1024x1024 and 512x512, so if you want to play the game, you need a graphics card which supports textures this size.

  • at the moment it runs about 60 Fps at a screensize of 1280x1024 on my computer. (amd athlon 2 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, 128 Mb Nvidia GeForce Ti 4200), but most slowdown is caused by Physics and Logic.


Looks nice, gonna be a fun game by the looks of it =)

like the robot thing.

That looks very nice.

Looks really good can wait.What kinda game will it be FPS,3rd person shooter etc.???

Looks great quality !

Awesome texturing job, looks very good quality.

You have a good plan there to have maximum quality and results instead of just trying to slap a game together.

Чувак! Скинь игру, не будь жлобом. Для этих скриншотов есть другой раздел форума: Finished Projects.
I not view of game for play.

wow! :o

That looks amazing for a first attempt at making a game in blender…great job!

what kind of game is it?

:o wow looks great, this game should be alot of fun!

what will it be about? what kind of game is it?

Looks great! Along with many others, i am also wondering what kind of game it is.

P.S. How dod you make the first picture (particularly the words)

Anyway, looks awsome! :smiley:


I started ‘Earth Commando’ as a sort of personal portfolio, to show my skills in modelling, texturing, etc. What better way to do this in the form of a game? The important aspect of this game is to make the quality as high as possible, so the story and concept as sci-fi game is really unoriginal.

So, the game is a combination of different types: there will be levels in first person view exploration, 3rd person driving and space sim.

Each level will have a different objective, for example to find objects or persons, destroy saboteur spaceships and bases, etc.

The Lunar Truck from the picture is from level 8, which is nearly completed. With this truck you have to collect 10 oxygen tanks and bring them back to the moonbase, within a certain time.

When I’ll release the first demo. It will contain the complete level 8 and a sample of level 1 ( a space sim level).