Earth from Moon

Art work created for facebook group contest.

wow! nice! but the gold coat on the lander seems a bit too bumpy and the moon should have some craters :slight_smile:

Nice view. But one tip: make the stars lil smaller, make it more like starfield background you know, milky way kind of. Cycles or something else?

Actually, to look more realistic, you would have no stars at all… look at the moon photos, you see none. This is because the camera apature had to be set such that the light from the stars is barely if at all visibile. Occationally, some moon photos have a few stars visible, and if you edit it in photoshop or gimp and jack the brightness and contrast up really high, you’ll see more, and if you zoom in, you’ll see faint stars fill the sky. For your render though, I’d have stars, just fewer of them. Other than that, and the gold mylar issue pointed out previously, it looks great.