Earth from Orbit technically accurate rendering

Hello everyone!

We PTS, a Berlin based private space company, are looking for a Blender artist supporting us in the creation of an artwork/rendering of the Earth from Orbit to showcase the capabilities of a new space grade camera system we will be launching into earth orbit next year.

Type of project: rendering / artwork
About us: we are a company, NDA and contract will be provided, see
We are looking for: a blender artist experienced in rendering earth and space environment
The deadline: we would like to get the final rendering along the next two weeks, maximum three
Short description:
Our company has developed a special camera system, consisting of multiple camera sensors and optics to be launched into earth orbit in 2021. Until the cameras can be operated in earth orbit we can only showcase their use and image quality in a lab which is not very impressive. Our intention is to create sales material which includes an example rendering of what the actual orbit footage might look like. As this is a technical product it is important for us that the image parameters such as the pixel resolution, brightness, curvature of earth, colours, distance to earth / aka size of the earth sphere in the viewport, are accurate to our planned mission. We have all this data already detailedly defined and have a good deal of experience in working with Blender and 3D engines, thus we are confident that we will be able to provide the required specific inputs quickly.

Our understanding is that it might take maybe two to three iterations until the resulting image matches our specs. In the end we really “only” need just one shot matching the camera and satellite-in-orbit specs. It is only necessary to render a realistic earth with a good texture and for decoration a nice start background, ideally including the Moon (we will provide the necessary size/distance as well).

We would retain full rights to the produced artwork and would like to receive the resulting Blender files for internal editing if needed. The resulting artwork will be used online, in social media and in print material for sales purposes.

I am not 100% sure if I am supposed to provide a number here or not. I am very happy to provide a direct budget via DM. Here I can state and confirm that our company is able and willing to pay for the costs of a professional design work to get the most accurate level of quality. We understand that this is not a 50 or below 500 bucks thing.

A special note:
If there is a good work relationship, there is a good chance for follow on activities as we are likely to require similar material for technically acurate pre-launch product showcases in the future.

Good examples of the targeted quality are:

With many greetings from Berlin


Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

Hi Rocky Dash,

Message received, will review by Tuesday!

A general note, please send application at least until Tuesday evening/Wednesday, we will take Wednesday to review and respond.



I think @PixeledAsteroid might be interested in this.

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Thanks for the shout my friend :wink:

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Hi there, I’d be happy to help.

hi! i’m Agus,
I’m sure I can help you achieve what you need.

I’ve 7 years of experience in 3D for different projects, in general focused on product visualization for promotion and architectural visualization.

Maybe you should check my last 3D works:

My skills are 3D modeling, texturing, creating photorealistic materials, composing and editing of videos, and music production.

Keep me in mind to work together on your ideas!

Hello Robert!
My name is Pablo and I am a 2D and 3D modeler and animator.

My portfolio:

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