Earth from outer space

Im working on a little project and this scene is a part of it and im at a point where i want to share the work to get some response from you guys cause i love u all :smiley: (don’t take that last statement to serious…)


I like it, but isn’t an atmosphere of earth “glowing” a little bit too much (of course it is just my impression) :wink: ?

I fine tuned the stars, the glowing of the earth and the background which i hopefully get manage to become totally procedural. The change in perspective has nothing to say :wink:


Very cool, well done. It looks like one of those dramatic scenes from a movie.

If your trying to be realistic, it needs more work.

If your trying to be stylistic it, it’s really nice!


I like it, maybe only the moon seems a bit flat, but it is beautiful!

Looks really good! It looks realistic but not totally. You might need some work for photo-realism but other than that it looks great!

stars are not so great. You could do better by painting a star background, there was a good tutorial on it a couple months ago. Earth looks pretty good but I think clouds should be more prominent.

Not sure if this is the same tutorial, but it does look pretty good as a technique to make a starry background.

Anyone else have a better one? I’d be interested in seeing it too.

Thanks for the response and while searching for a tutorial to create starfields i stumbled upon this (looks pretty the same as the one u offered Draco only its PS and not Gimp).
As this scene is used in an animation i kinda need a 4pi starfield so it’ll take some time to get good results but im totally convinced that such acid is impossible procedurally done :eyebrowlift2:.

Oh and the clouds are really to dim.

One more thing i realised working on this scene is that when you stare at one image a loooong time your eyes are beginning to fall out of their sockets and you’re starting to think that it’s completly rubish… perhaps thats the perfect point for a longer pause :smiley:

I made a 4pi seamless backround with the technique described in one of those tutorials above. Its not perfect but it suits my needs :rolleyes:.
The clouds and the planets colours were also retuned.

I would love to hear more critics :eyebrowlift:


some improvements:

  • moon got some lighting
  • background has more details


Holy mama jamas, that is so beatuiful. I always try to make a space scene but everytime I try it looks like a ball with a un even texture added to it. GJ.

thx yor :o

well here is a new version


WOW, very nice I think you earth is GREAT!
But I have a question. How did you make the earth?
I’m trying to make a space scene and its not going how I hoped.
I’f you could give me a brief no-how on making a good space scene then that would be great! Because I need HELP with mine.

P.s I like the last version :slight_smile:

You are showing great progress from one image to the other. I especially like the composition.

I am looking now on my laptop, so probably not the best screen, but it seems to me that the star is a too big, overexposed area. It distracts the eye from the overall image, imho. Maybe, make it smaller or use color/alpha gradients?

As for the earth, the dark side seems to me too black. Maybe add human light pollution?

Possibly helpful: the tutorial by Enrico Valenza He also adds a simple Fresnel technique to make the border of the planet more opaque. That adds realism.
Planet textures by JHT He also explains something about the night lights but for Cinema 4D. Nevertheless, useful.

Hope it helps.

By the way, you star background is beautiful, especially the gaseous remnants. Did you paint it yourself?

thx for the replies :slight_smile:
For now im afk for some days… but when you can wait you’ll get a howto.

I will play around with the star size to see whether i get some nice results but now that you mentioned it my eyes always slide to the left down corner :).
Yes, i was thinking about some lights on the dark side but the textures i found till now just dont have the resolution. One idea is to make a stencil and then go for some procedural textures but the way with the best results will propably be the selfmade one.

The nebula is real. When you google for “veil_noao_big.jpg” you should find the original picture. I think its one of the most beautiful astro pictures out there.

Aw, geez. My fiance saw it and now she wants it painted on the ceiling. Great. Work. :stuck_out_tongue:

The light area on the moon should be a much thinner, erm moon shapem as the sun from the cameras POV is almost directly behind it, and tone down the blue cloud to make way for the normal stars you had in the first two posts.

It looks awesome! ,but the moon would look better with some atmosphere also.