Earth - home sweet home

(wewa_juicyb) #1

Inspired by the little halo tip that S68 gave away about creating atmospheres in space, I took my blender and blended a little pic for you guys. Comments are welcome. So you’d better!
P.S> ARGH sorry about that…

(S68) #2

Yeah! Comment! Angelfire desn’t work for inline images!


(blengine_ol) #3

copy n paste the link… it works, and its good too =)
only the stars kind of look like snow…maybe make them smaller, and i think it would be cool, i havent seen it done yet, to instead of making the dark side of the earth dark, which in theory it is, but have u ever seen satelite photos of the dark side of the earth? the street lights, building lights, flashlights(lol), and all other lights brighten it up like a network of white lights along the surface…it really looks cool, id like someone to try it out, thatd be great

(wewa_juicyb) #4

hmmm, give me a few seconds, and i’ll try the dark-side-of-the-earth-light thingy. By the way, I edited my post and changed the picture to a link, I guess it make S68 look pretty stupid, SORRY!

(kirpre) #5

Real Nice. I am doing something similar and I’ve had a problem getting rid of the ring caused by the cloud layer lighting up. Anyone have any ideas to get rid of this, or is it realistic for it to look this way. Thanks.

(gyra5) #6

If the camera was facing the sun head on like this I don’t think you would be able to see stars. Your exposure for the sun would be very fast and the stars wouldn’t have enough light to show up. Very nice picture though. The halo does look fake though.

(wewa_juicyb) #7

Thanx for all the comments! I just made a quick-'n-dirty light made for the earth. One problem though… I didn’t save the blend… :-? Oh well, I’m gonna make a new one but that’ll take some time. Sorry…

(S68) #8

Cool image,

now that I can see it :slight_smile: Looks like there is an earth-from-space trend in this community :slight_smile: I like the stars, I like the sun and its halos, I don’t like much atmosphere and the fact you can see clouds on the dark side…


Don’t worry. I manage to look stupid also by myself :slight_smile:


(harkyman) #9

Finally saw your image. Very nice at first glance. Upon second look, though, I have to say that the glow from the sun flying way out into space bothered me. That glow is only a product of diffusion in our atmosphere, and outside that atmosphere, there would be no glow. Mind you it LOOKS nice, but I seem to have a bug up my butt about that sort of thing.

Also, I too would like to see the dark side of the earth with city-cluster lights!

Also also, you didn’t save the blend?! Ha! I’ve done that a couple of times too. I guess I’m just used to every other program in the entire world saying “You have unsaved changes, etc…”

(valarking) #10

cool! the only comment i’d have would be that the earth probobly needs slightly more “depth”, as of now, it looks slightly flat. i like the use of the halo though!