Earth l Mie & Rayleigh

Hi I’m making this “earth from space” scene, I want all kind of critics. I’m aiming for a photorealistic look.

Looks photorealistic enough for me.

Thank you!

Yep. Looks good to me… perhaps a little better than the real photos? Three things to look at:

  1. those space photos where there is an atmospheric halo, the halo has more of a (radial) gradient and fades into the night sky, in comparison your halo has a fairly well-defined edge
  2. I like the halo extending around the dark side of the earth, it seems right, but I haven’t seen many real photos that look like that (perhaps I just didn’t look at very many photos).
  3. Those parts of the coastline I can see in your image are really clearly defined - perhaps too well? Many of the real photos those kind of details are more blurry or marred by glare or distortion. I’d be tempted to increase the 3D (normal map) for the earth surface… but that would probably be less photorealistic.

Looks nice. I think you should use an image of the earth at night and map it on those dark areas, it will looks more realistic and fun to see. For me, that’s the only thing its missing.

Sorry bad attachment.


Thank you I’ll take that advices in mind.

Here’s a update.


What display profile are you using in color management? The clouds seem a bit burnt out. Love the scatter effect on the limb

They are a bit burnt out, I can’t remember, if you like I may upload the file.

Wow, I love those results!! I’d love to see a break down of the original file if possible.

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Looks like curves setting for contrast is a little high. Other than that it looks extremely photorealistic. I would also recommend pulling the blues down a bit

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Sure, let me search for it. It was on a old HDD that died. Hope find it