Earth - No Tutorial Involve

Got bored so I made this under 3 hours with no tutorial involve. This is my third time attempting to make Earth. What do you think of it? Any critiques or tips to make it more realistic as possible?

It looks goos so far! :slight_smile: To make it more realistic, try adding a slight glow using the nodes in post-pro and also blur the atmosphere around the earth just a smidge, it should make it alot more realistsic:)

There is something fishy while making the atmosphere, maybe you should check some tutorials if you want to make it better looking, nice job though.

Well I haven’t been out there but I remember that the world is sliced into different time-zones running from north to south. Perhaps you should turn the sun light somehow clockwise.

And the moon seems to receive light from the earth instead from the sun.

please involve a tutorial ! :smiley:

Thanks for all the great tips out there guys I appreciate it. :smiley: I only made this with no tutorial involve cause I wanted to figure this all out on my own instead of copying someone else settings. :slight_smile:

The moon looks realistic to me, though I agree the direction of the light is inconsistent with the Earth’s. Also, you need a specularity map for the Earth so the oceans are reflective but the land mass isn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with learning from someone else. I’d say do the tutroial andrew price made, and you’ll learn a lot.

@Enderific I have made a second one by using Andrew Prices tutorial. Worked very well and learned a lot :smiley: