Earth Render

Hello, I found an old render of the earth from a while ago and decided to try it again. The newer one is much, much better, but I would like some critiques so that I can confidently put this in my portfolio. I also feel that it’s not very creative. What should I do to make it more “artsy”?

Here is the old render just for laughs:



That’s quite nice. But I would agree there are a lot of renders of earth out there, although this is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

If you want a more “artsy” feel I would suggest making it a shot of earth seen from the moon. Like the cameras on the moon taking a picture of earth. If you really wanted to go all out you could model the lunar module in the foreground as well but that’s kinda a whole new project. :slight_smile:

Thats a nice idea. Since we’re getting into the scifi realm here, you could always model spacestations or satellites orbiting around the earth, a couple of spaceships here and there…Again, a whole new project.

Keep it up

Thanks for the great ideas!
I don’t think I have much time for this project, but I did add in some space debris to tie in the foreground and background. I also animated the earth, clouds, sun, and debris so that there is a lot of subtle movement while the sun moves over the earth. I’ll render out the animation and hopefully it will turn out well!

This is a frame that is a little before the one posted above, so it doesn’t have as much sun.

maybe add the moon somewhere in there (a texture for this can be found at: and if you don’t think its original enough you could play around with the camera angles and lighting.
hope this helped.

something about the blue glow and the way the earth is lit doesn’t quite seem right to me…

Instead of rocks around the planet, make them bolts and the occasional larger fragment of metal
Also, the glare on the background stars looks a little wrong.

Thanks guys, but I have to move on now unfortunately. This was just a filler project, but your critiques did help!

something about the blue glow and the way the earth is lit doesn’t quite seem right to me…

I think it was a bit too saturated, and I have fixed it. Good call.

Also, the glare on the background stars looks a little wrong.

I also reduced the glare a bit as well, you are right it did look wrong.

Thanks for the help, but now I must move on to a much more important project!

bit more asteroids, less filter bullshit, (sorry) you image is wonderful but I think it would look better with out the ozone glowing so much

I think you can do away with teh glare and make the atmosphere less glowy (is taht a word?)…

The halo is indeed a bit too strong. At least on the dark side it should be way weaker or maybe — thinner.

Is this a BI or Cycles project? Could you post your node setup if it’s the latter?

Wow, good job. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! As I said, I have to move on from this now, but here is the final result:

It makes a really nice phone background if you tilt it so the earth is at the bottom.

And since it is Cycles, here are the nodes for the earth you asked for:

Thanks for posting that!

a few months old , but not bad
So far the best non professional one i have seen is still Celestia 1.7.0 ( svn 5229 )
there is a NEW Earth night map at 65536 x 32768px. and a new DEM also at 65536 x 32768 px.
example of the night map
an example of the DEM
and a 16384 x 8192 map of the clouds

It’s a very nice earth, but you are right not so much original… since there are a number of tutorials out on this subject. I’d ramp your star field up… or add some extreme weather onto the planet. that is one thing you don’t see as much. or grunge it up… like a firefly earth, or Wall-E style earth.

Thanks JohnVV, I’ll take a look at those resources.

That is actually an older render, a more recent one (still a little stylized) looks like this:

IMHO the lighting and color of the most recent render is indeed better. I’d bring back some atmosphere although not as bright as the previous render, and switch the glare to fog glow.

My 2 cents. Atmosphere material was bit of a challenge :wink:
Blender Internal.

No post-processing in static

Animated low pass with some PP.