Earth Scene

(H-C) #1

hi heres another picture ive done representing the pain of the earth.

copy and paste

(pofo) #2

I like it. It’s got some real feeling :slight_smile:

Maybe model some cracks in the ground and let the blood ooze up through them.

  1. pofo

(paradox) #3

Liked your statue before but it really works well in this scene. Wild.


(snailrose) #4

Nice pic :smiley:
It could use some work on the lighting…
Also the statue some how dosen’t fit in the scene
over all its a really good idea though 8)
just minor adjustments


(Detritus) #5

Wow that´s great! But maybe i´should be a bit darker with a lot of shadows and stuff (maybe evil eyes looking out from the darkness?) ? Then, the glowing comets in the bakcground would be easier to see.

(sten) #6

nice scenery !

(blengine) #7

that is very good! :o the blood on the statue is great! is her boob bleeding? hehe ouch!
the onlything i dont like is the particles =\ but the rest is one amazing scene

(garbager) #8

very very beautiful an imaginative. The blood look very material.
But maybe you should add some shadows, or something that will describe real scale of the scene. It makes me think about some Dali paintings. Maybe you should check how the shadows in his paintings decribe the distance beetween totally impossible objects (just like your background structure).
But please if you decide to change anything, try to keep the spirit of this one. I found it delicate and violent at the same time. I love that.

(S68) #9


nice scene, impressive, statue and blood there is great

maybe background is too… well… flat, can’t tell exactly