earth shock

Hello. I made a city with comets, sort of sodom en gemorra. Each time a comet impacts the city I want to make a shock. Now my question: How can I create a realistic shock that the whole camera is moving like there is a earthquacke. My English isn’t very good because I’m dutch. I hope that some people can help me :smiley:
There is my first comet picture named End of Time

Mmm… your camera looks like being in space, from your image, so I’d bet no shock at all is most realistic.

If you really want it you can animate the camera.

Add a displacement IPO to the camera with a dampened sinusoidal behaviour starting at the moment of the impact and lasting a secon or so…

The ‘realistic’ part of your question relies entirely on your ability with IPOs :slight_smile:

Good luck


SO I only Have to animate the camera up and down and repeat this to create a shock??? I tough that there was a another way to create a shock because I tried this but it isn’t very realistic. Isn’t there an another way???

make a python script with some turbulence. Matter of fact, get ahold of Carsten , the author of Blender Busch (spelling?) he wrote an excellent camera turbulence script that would be perfect.

That’s the way they always did it in Star Trek… shake the camera and have everybody throw themselves around in a coordinated manner… I even saw a clip of one of the actors (from ST:TNG) joking about how good they were at synchronized lunging. :slight_smile:


Ooh ok, thanks, I’ll try.
Do you know how to make a lightning effect (flash) like one if there is an impact of a comet. :o