Earth (space lighting)

Hey guys, I’ve seen a lot of good earth renders where the earth is partly black (shadowed) can some explain to me how to do this?


but camera in front of earth.then put light to tthe right of earth then mess with the lighting color a bit and walah render and you got it

Gotcha, thx.

no prob did it work

Yup, it worked well. So if I want to light a ship in space I use this same method?

Again, I think you should take a look here:
Scroll down a bit and you will see two tutorials on that matter. They are quite old now but that shouldn’t matter - they still give you the basic idea.

T-Filmer, really, take a look at that site, it’s one of the best I have found.


If you do a space ship yes i thinks o but you might want to mes with the brightness a bit

Okay, guys thx for your time and help.