Earth with better Atmosphere

Yeah, I know its not just me now, I tried to download it and it said that the site wasn’t found!

Very Nice technique, hmm maybe I should try to learn how to use those node thingies, thanks for sharing.

Delete this

If you need a host I will host the blend file on my site just zip it and send it to the email address I sent you in a private message.

All fixed, sorry about that. I had two “http://” for some reason…
It should work now.


All thx for the help and the .blend file, your pdf help me a lot~!:slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to make a planet, and your atmosphere is perfect for it, is there any chance you could reupload the pdf and blend?


The original post was from 2006.

Head over to BlenderGuru, Andrew Price does a nice Tutorial about creating an Earth from NASA textures (I think it’s that one!)

Yeah, OP is now dead or caring a lot of babies and no time for CG ever again.