looking nice
how did you do the clouds ?

can you show nodes set up

you could make the moon a bit bigger

happy bl

the cloud is a high res texture i get from nasa site and insert it inside a principle volume shader.

This looks awesome, especially the atmosphere! The terrain is samesy, it doesn’t look like how mountains actually work on our planet. Mountains are formed in lines, giant fields of mountains like this in every direction doesn’t really make sense. It tips the viewer off immediately that this is fake. With some more accurate terrain, however, I think you could pass this off as a real photo.

i actually take reference for the mountains from idaho mountains to make as close as i can.

I’ve lived in Idaho for about 20 years total, and this doesn’t look right to my eye. That’s just me though, I’m just one viewer and my perspectives are definitely not absolute :slight_smile: It does look really good overall