Hey, this is my first actual “render” after a about 2 weeks of playing around with blender. I just want some feedback/tips/hints:

Good start,

The sun and lens flare need a large amount of tweaking to make it look right, but I have an example file that might help you out:

The lighting needs some work, I suggest using a Sun lamp that is pointed towards the camera located at the position of the sun/Halo object (obviously :smiley: )

The earth has way to much bumpiness and specularity – The texture also looks to be too low res, try this link fer better versions:

Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks m@d, i’ll take this into account.

By the way, really nice lens flares :wink: and thanks
for the “earth” website, it’s just what i’ve been looking for.


Here ya go, I changed the earth textures, added a “sun”, and used your flare as reference. Personally I think its a huge improvement from my first one :smiley: . Thanks m@d for the help. If anyone has any more hints, suggestions, or criticism please feel free.

heres the link:


The land areas seem a little too shiny. The brown colour of the rain forrests is consistent with the lack of clouds and atmosphere :wink:

  1. pofo

You should add some hint that there’s an atmosphere (i.e. add some clouds). :slight_smile:

I think i would like it more w/o the bump mapping… good start though :slight_smile:

i’m not quiet sure, but could it be that your sun is positioned next to the globe instead of behind the globe.

my guess is, if you move the sun way behind the globe, you’ll get a nicer transmission between night & day. the twilight zone :wink:

at this moment, the light that is cast on the globe is to localized, or wathever… i don’t know how to say it.

please do correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not that blenderwizz miself :frowning:

nice so far, but I think a bette starfield in the background would be nicer. I think blender’s a great program, but it’s stars blow chunks!
a bette starfield can be found online in many places, or if worse comes to worse, it could be made pretty easily in Paint, or Gimp… I have one if you want…

heres what the earth looks like when the sun is located behind it :slight_smile:
Tell me if it looks any better.


i’d like a second opinion on this :stuck_out_tongue:

seems to be some tricky stuff, i can’t quiet explain what i mean, partialy because i can’t fire up a blender on this machine.

my guess is you want some crack of dawn feel to your image with the sun just peeking around the corner…

some time ago i wiped up some logo and had a bit of the same thing.
although the sun is at the right end, at an angle of about 90° with the camera.
but as you can see, the the transmission of light to darkness is over the entier planet, not just a part of it.(because in reality the sun is much bigger the the earth)

i got that effect using an hemi, i don’t know if that’s the right thing to do.
i’d say, try try try, i’m sure you’ll get to the result you’re looking for.

the earth is good but
I realy don’t like the sun


You do need another lihgt source to lihgt the dark areas. 3d is not aimed at figuring reality as it is. You have to cheat by adding several lights in your scenes and you’ll obtain good stuff then.

Good start :wink: