I thought this came out nice. I have a non ray traced version I will put up soon. this render took 10 or 12 minutes to render the other takes 12 seconds or so. I will post the blends I have to check the license on the textures.I know its simple stuff but I see how do I make a planet questions allot. I am trying to make a fast rendering planet for animations.

Yeah thats pretty cool, the earth looks good.
You should put a little more work in the stars.
Maybe more Coronas or brighten it up, you know. Bring some alterations into it.
Currently i looks a bit uniform.

What are you using for the atmosphere? Ramp shaders would be useful if you’re not using them already. Nice work.
This is the site with the textures.
This is the non ray traced version
here is the blend with out textures you can get the textures from the site at the top of this post.
As for the stars they are just blender stars I just put them in as a background for the render test I am working on an animated flyby with a ship kind of like the Star Trek opining shot. I will composit a nicer background as I work out the shot.
The halo is a little extreme in this still shot but it looks better in the animation and from farther back. I am working on adjusting it as the camera moves. .
( sorry for the long time to share I dont have any internet at home right now )

Hmm thats looks nice :slight_smile: Will look at blend file later.

nasa textures, massive resolution, works a beauty can be found here:

and the best use i’ve seen for them is here: