uh yah here it is tell me what you think.


It needs a bit of work yet, I think.

The earth has an atmosphere, and it changes the way the light reflects off the earth. I think the best way to reproduce this would be to make a second globe around the earth, a bit larger, and set it to Ztransp, alpha at about 1, maybe more maybe less. Then see if you can set the fresnel up with a light blue colour, so it looks like a sheen, for want of a better word. There is already a WIP going in the forums for this.

Also, the earth has clouds, yeah?

Although if it is your first model, then you seem to have the basic concept of display and texturing down. Keep working at it, wouldn’t call this finished (But I hardly ever call anything finished :p)

i tried but the refraction effect picks up the black, i think, and covers up the whole plantet so i get that nice blue edge, but a nasty black shade everywhere else.