this is my first render of earth, Im doing it for lamb and lion ministrys and would like some pointers before I give it to him. your comments would be much appriciated.




You might wanna post that again in the “focused critic” section of this forum.

If it’s for the Lion and Lamb ministry, they won’t find that very accurate, I mean, where are the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?
Ah ah only kidding. Seriously tho, you missed out something quite important: god’s frowning face!!!
Oups, did it again. Okay okay, sorry for that.
Here we go: there’s no clouds at all, that doesn’t look really realistic. There’s always clouds around the earth, at least some. A few stars hanging about might look good too.

Apart from that (and the fact that it will end up illustrating some very far fetched story) it’s very good. Very nice atmospheric glow! I like it.

my pointer would be to not tell people you are making it in preparation for the end of the world.

It looks flat…

My first thought was that it needs clouds, definitely. Also it does look flat because the specular that’s right now all in the Gulf of Mexico should probably be dispersed much more.

The ocean itself is not flat and has mountains under it which will cause light to reflect slightly differently, not creating a solid color, but the land forms also look somewhat flat.

Did you follow a tutorial for this? If not I highly recommend just google searching for one. You’ll probably find thousands and get a few tips to improve it there.

I did not use a tutorial for this. thanx for the comments