Blender 2.5, image maps for the Moon and Earth’s surface, and procedurals for the clouds. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


the dark part looks a bit blueish to me, but nice render!

Looks good! I do, however, think it’s ironic that “TheBlackHole” made Earth.

I like it but there is something wrong, maybe what Biglines said, about the dark side beigh to saturated in blue.

@rvngizswt, lol nice one!!! I absolutely love when ppl do this!

I know the dark side is a little too bright. I couldn’t help it, as part of the atmosphere effect was a halo material and I can’t seem to get it to be shaded.

Hmm, try using the compositor for the atmosphere instead of halos…i think you can get a much better result

It’ll take me months to find the compositor, then probably a couple years to learn how to work the thing. So no, I’ll just stick with halos.

Woa dude lol that is harsh! (And completely wrong assumption)The compositor is a very effective tool and it is not hard to learn at all, here take a look at this “Introduction to the Compositor Tutorial” by Andrew Price ( Actually after this you pretty much know how to use it. The rest is actually just playing around with it.

So I reeeeaaaaly encourage you to take the 22 minutes and learn about it!

BTW, the example he does is pretty much what you need for your scene, minus the glare effect.

No matter how easy the compositor might be, it’ll still be harder to find than the Render View or the 3D workspace. Plus I want this scene to hold up from any given camera position, and I don’t know if the compositor will do that.
EDIT: Found it. Still not sure if I want to leave the 3D workspace though. I’ll try it in a new window.

Don’t use procedurals for the clouds. Download the cloud map from NASA. (search “NASA visible earth blue marble”)

You can also get a high res map of night time lights of earth, and use that as a texture as well.

Also, night on Earth is BLACK! Unless the sun’s hitting it, it’s BLACK. Based on where you have the moon, I’d say you don’t need to worry about the moon reflecting light.

Just use Ctrl-leftarrow and ctrl-rightarrow to switch between modes. Compositor, sequencer, 3d window and animation.

But I got good results with the procedurals, though, right? In the end, that’s all that matters. Plus, when I added the clouds, I had no Internet connection and didn’t have any good cloud maps on hand.

I think you have the wrong idea about what the compositor is, watch the video, it will only take 22 min. From my exerience —I was scared of the compositor in the beginning too, but when i watched that tutorial i fell in love with it! And again it doesnt take a whole lot of time to grasp it.

[EDIT]: Here are two good sites that have hi res planet textures:

And a photorealistic earth William Chamberlin created and made a tutorial on:

Its nice, a variance from the usual earth renders. However, more than the elements itself, the composition is what that bothers me. Cutting through quarter of the earth is kinda weird. Else, you could remedy that by following other people’s advices and making the nightside black.

But that may affect you’re intended style though. But that’s whether if its intended or not.