Hey guys, this is one of the cliche things that CG artists make, Earth itself! This project originally started as a cartoon-ish planet, but I didn’t really like it so I made a more realistic one instead. I made all the textures in gimp from resources off of Google Images. While having quite a bit of material and texture errors, I think it turned out pretty good. Tell me what you think.


It looks pretty good. I like the lighting. What about throwing a moon in there?

Pretty good, though it looks to me like the position of the sun and the lighted half of the earth aren’t quite matching. If the sun were in that position relitive to the camera I think you would see more of a crescent shape for the light area.

Welcome to Potado!

Great work! I think space should be completely black, though. Also, the back of the earth should also be almost completely black. Other than that, you did pretty well! Welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

The earth and it’s texturing is great. The sun can have some improvements.

Its nice, however you are missing the atmospheric glow around the planet. The atmosphere should absorb around the edges of the sphere.

That’s a nice earth.

Critically, there are too many stars. Take a look at the NASA photos, but artistically I do not mind. My only real criticism is that it looks like the continents are indented instead of raised. Kind of odd?

very nice! the mad looks like it did turn out well. i’ve tried to make earth before and no mater what i do, i’ve even tried unwrapping the sphere on the map and adjusting the UV stuff and i can’t not get it right!:spin: you git it right though.:smiley: