EarthBound 64/MOTHER 3: The fall of Pig King (Blender 3D High Definition Restoration)

i deleted .blend file
Anyways I’ve got something for Tazmily Vilage demo somebody knowns how to script item shop for blender engine? somebody knows how to script .json in blender to make character walking and running in all directions? somebody knows how Pork Bean might flying,floating,bouncing and drifting in python scripts?

Hi to all.
we are new here and new at blender
First of all i want to say that i was surprised about what blender can do and all of you ofcourse.
We made the switch from maya-carrara to blender in very short time blender is awesom.

I want to show and tell you about our project,and ask questions ofcourse.
Our idea is an old school sierra style point and click adventure game with rpg elements but in 3d.Yes we are talking abou a quest for glory clone.
The story is in development and beleve me its very deep.
So we are curently 2 people working on this plus a forum member BluePrintRandom witch provide us with helpfull advices and tips.
Basicaly me pagio and my partener ilias are working on the game models and textures.I make the enviroment objects houses,props,decoration etc and ilias is working on organic models we make the humanoid characters in makehuman and we customize the clothes and stuff in blender we also animate in blender.
We create textures in gimp and texture maker we also use textures from web (cg textures etc)
So the thing is we dont know anything about coding we know what needs to be done but we dont know how
We alredy got help like i sed before from BluePrintRandom witch he is realy good but if more people come along and form a strong team i think its possible for the project to be complete and when i say complete i mean complete to be a commercial product.
Dont get me wrong we are not aiming to make something like AAA quality all i am saying is to make something good looking with solid gameplay mechanics and stable to run in most systems.
Take for example the quality of Sherlock holmes the awakening thats what we are aiming.
The game world is not large and the npc number is about 18 not including the enemyes so i think its posible even for a little team to achive something good.
Anybody with any skill who is interested in this project is welcome to join
But now the onemillion dolar question i know blender is exelent in modeling cycles renders things like real life with minimum effort.The game engine is capaple to make this project and be stable and run smooth on decent pcs?I dont suggest that is not i am just asking.
and some photos from the models(diffuse only materials i dint have time to learn more about glsl materials)

Here’s some characters for Tazmily Vilage demo of course I used MakeHuam for that.

You can’t grasp real form of Pork Bean.I wonder how you can handle this thing hovering,driving,floating,flying and drifting in Death Desert for EarthBound 64 Fan Remake

Dude you didn’t understand me I told scripting the game engine of jRPG game canceled 15 years ago by it’s developer not only GLSL shading.I told you to script Pork Bean movements more less bouncing,floating,rotating,drifting,flying and driving like in 0:26 of EarthBound 64

To be honest it’s also my fault extruding terrain iteration is laging the Blender itself.I also don’t prepare Death Desert Battlefield.I’m really sorry you failed me.Try harder for the time.It was bad news.Good news I have in mediafire .blend file remade unfinished scene 0:26 disadvantage is terrain is making lags if i’m extending sizes.Here you are!

sometimes I have critic when something is wrong.

FYI: takes about a minute to load (no other files downloaded). Then I see . Nothing happens after 30 seconds.


           Distro Linux 3.19.3-3-ARCH x86_64 GNU/Linux           Mainboard Manufacturer: FOXCONN, Product Name: A7GM-S 2.0
             CPU AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor
             RAM 7.8G
           Video Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750 / R7 250E] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

Okay.It’s my fault I didn’t show you enough details of current demo stage.Why it works slowly?

Why my Pork Bean is so very slow?

What is this supposed to be?
Are you trying to make this scene work in the BGE?
Do you really expect 2+ million poly scene with zero optimization to load/run smoothly?
Your ‘pork bean’ (just the green shell part) is over 14,000 polys.
Do you really need 1000 polys to define Mr Saturn’s eyebrows?

If you’re using this for a pre-rendered cutscene or something, this is fine. It’s a sloppy mess, but it’ll work.
If you plan at all to use any of this for in-game scenery, you had better start stripping out all those sub-division/displacement modifiers and do a drastic reduction in poly count.
Without subdivision, your pork bean shell is 928 polys. Get that down to about 400 (hint: do we really need to be able to see the full interior of the shell?) and you’ll be on a start.

Also, select all (a) apply scale and rotation (ctrl+a), and reset origins (Object -> Transform -> origin to geometry), will save you many headaches down the road.

What is this suppose to be?It’s gonna be tech demo of tech demo Flint driving Pork Bean.Players control Flint as he makes his way through an arid canyon landscape populated by wild boars and vultures. This demo level perfectly shows off how the game’s battle system will work. Flint, who can run around at fairly high speeds, can see his opponents at all time. Once he gets close, he can either try to go around them or tackle them head on. If Flint manages to hit his enemy, the creature may get stunned. Approaching the opponent then triggers a turn-based battle scene, similar in style to the predecessor’s first-person fights. If Flint stunned his opponent, he gets a chance to attack without his opponent being able to block or even respond.
Are you trying to make this scene work in the BGE?
Yeah sure downgrade 3 milions of polygons is too much for tech demo and hard to programmers who can’t handle script of Pork Bean.I’m looking for programmers it’s not me.Definitely I should do it again,but without higher polygons.To be honest current animations frames per second are too large.I’ll try lower polygons for next time.
Do you really expect 2+ million poly scene with zero optimization to load/run smoothly?
You’re absolutely right.This could be very challaneging for Blender Game Engine even impossible to render scenes.
Do you really need 1000 polys to define Mr Saturn’s eyebrows?
Of course it’s unneccessary and pointless.

Also, select all (a) apply scale and rotation (ctrl+a), and reset origins (Object -> Transform -> origin to geometry), will save you many headaches down the road.
I promise for the next time it won’t be complicated.

Well the problem is that i can’t move the hover car object because i smoothed it too much.
Honestly in render mode object should move,but i don’t know how?Anyways here’s very first test of Pork Bean don’t count on Render Mode animations.I’m making of first steps this time for real,but without render mode.Anyways here’s an example.

How can I animate in Render mode for Blender Game Engine programmers?

If you want to make something that runs in the game engine, you need to be in Blender Game mode, not Blender Render.
If you want the pork bean to be interactive (as in, letting the player pilot the craft) you want to do it with game logic, not animation.

The main motion (thrust, steering) can be set up easily with logic bricks, if you like. The particulars all depend on how exactly those controls should work.

Getting the ‘hovercraft’ physics working would require a python script, which gets the scene’s gravity and the bean’s mass to calculate the force needed to keep it floating. You then get the bean’s distance from the ground, and adjust that force accordingly (if the bean gets closer to the ground, push up, if it goes to high, push down). If done right, the passive physics produces should give you that ‘bouncing up and down’ effect as the craft tries to maintain a set distance from the ground beneath it.

Do you still remember I’m not responding for sound composing and game engine scripting?I’m only storywriter,map maker/designer/artist,3D artist,animation maker,concept art make,3D character designer and game introducer/head tester.

In first PM WorldInThe he said that he can work as programmer.I hope it’s simple for intermediate begining as game programmer like me.BGE scripting is familiar with intermediate basic hover crafts.I think so.

Thanks Nines for the tip.

How simple is scripting in Blender Game Mode without logic brick and without animation mode?

I hope nobody will forget it’s still jRPG game.

It depends on object physics.I really need some BGE programmer I can’t handle this alone.