Earthbound clay model lighting

Hi everyone!

I was wondering how to accurately replicate the lighting/ photo quality in this photo (could only uploads one) of Earthbound promotional clay models


For a series I’m developing models for.
Whether this is something that can be done in
Blender itself or in Photoshop later, please let me know

Thank you, you all

Well, the lighting setup doesn’t seem to be that complicated.


There are three lightboxes (e. g. area lights): One from the top and slightly in front of the model and two on each side on middle height (red arrows). The camera background is set to white (obviously), while the background seen in the reflection (green arrow) is quite a bit darker, otherwise it would blow out the entire model and the darker areas would loose contrast to the lighter ones.

This is a quick and dirty attempt at replicating that setup (using Blender Light Studio):

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Thank you, as simple as it is that’s extremely helpful to me