EarthBound HD/MOTHER 2 Fan Remake

So here is a video of my Blender Game Engine.It’s EarthBound One three dimensional high definition recreation.

“We hope you’re enjoy the show”-The Beatles.

In earthbound 64 2d I don’t know what application could fit to script the game demo.In 3D earthbound 64 HD if nobody want to be programmer I have to learn some programming languages.

Why do you post videos made by others and say it is your bge game?

If nobody report to be programmer of EarthBound 64 HD I found a way to satisfy you unfortunetely by cheating you.Unfortunetely I have no idea how Game Logic Mode and Game Blender Engine are working so I can’t promise Desert of Death by playing Flint.I can make animations of Pigmask bouncing backwards,but I don’t know how Python script is working.

then learn it?

sure why not.

Not gonna sugarcoat this:

This is straight up unacceptable. If you can’t create something, fine, but don’t present others work as your own. If you want to show what you have to others, then you have to make it yourself.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you won’t be able to find a programmer for any of your projects now, as you’ve shown that you have no respect for others’ work. You’re best off learning on your own at this point, and, again, starting from something much, much simpler that you can actually finish.

Sure thing.

RPG Maker would be perfect for you.

You wont be able to make your “3D HD” remake, but you could certainly do a 2D LD(?) remake. You can learn some of the skills you need to work yourself up to your current aspirations.

Maybe you could revive this project. Hehe.

Maybe even will pay attention to my game.?

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata(1959-2015)