EarthMoves Animation Foundation


We have recently been setting up a front end for
the projects we are working on. We intend to follow
in the footsteps of the Blender institute to realise
our ambition to make (animated) [feature] films
within our budget. :slight_smile:

Project Frankenstein

We have scheduled 3 months this Summer to create
Franc Ó’Stein. A reusable character modelling tool
and optimised animation interface integrated into
the Blender GUI. :spin:

Virtual Camera Rig

Our cinematic camera rig (CamPal v1.0) is available
on this forum, and v1.1 is in production testing. We’d
like to produce some video tutorials before publishing
the upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:

Research & Development

We’ve also drafted some NPR algorithms, but we’ve
got problems with the math, and priority is low on
that front . . . the Justin Renderer is in the pipeline :rolleyes: !


And, last week we were doing some work in the Bridge
lab/workshop with the CRITE lab and discussing integrating
our objectives in education and producing learning materials.

Design Library

It’s too early in the production of the screenplay and storyreel
to publish details of our first film, but we’ve designed some
worksheets and a wiki based collaborative writing & manage-
ment tool if anyone wants them. . .:confused:

“Happy Blending. . .”,


Nothing says professionalism like rotating smiley faces…

@Ben> Granted, emoticons aren’t a particularly professional
typesetting mechanism, though my intention with the “spin” one
was to facsimile a turntable render of a character bust. Our priority
on professional presentation is directed towards a proposal for
the conference in October.

Tonight I will post some proof of concept experiment results on
the YouTube channel for your perusal.


cool stuff