earthworm jim (blenderguru competition wip)

i thought i’d try this competition as the video game competition subject seems really fun.
since i just started blender 3-4months ago this should be fun practice and i’ll do something i think is easy: earthworm jim! :slight_smile: hopefully it’s not too big a bite for me to handle.

can’t sculpt so this is a lot of vertice pushing…

this is jim so far…

Man…that game is old school lol…I remember playing it a lot…from what I remember this is looking light years better than the original! Can we see some wire frames? Have you done any renders yet to test that “skin”? Also is this BI or cycles? Look forward to seeing how this turns out as I played that game a lot…

Gosh… so much Nostalgia, this is my childhood !
It’s a great start ;), I’d love to see a render in Cycle with some nice skin shaders.

haha yeah it is old school. i’ve made some of his body now… looking at my topo will probably give people eye cancer, but here’s the wireframe. i haven’t done any materials for him yet, i think i’ll do that last. this is in cycles, but only because i’ve started learning from cycles tutorials.

critique, suggestions, advice?

So far, I can’t find a thing wrong with it.

Not at all. Looks clean to me. All evenly distributed quads. Could be improved here and there depending on what you want to do with it but as i guess you don’t want to sculpt on him or animate him so it doesn’t matter what the topology looks like.