Earthworm Jim

This was my first attempt at creating a character and using blenders sculpting tools. I learned a ton from taking on this project and it was a lot of fun. But I want to get better and would love to get some feedback on this one. Thanks!

What immediately pops out to me: chest and arms are very bumpy while the hand/glove is super smooth. I think it would look better if you smoothed out the chest/torso to match the look of the glove so get the cartoony look for the whole image. Same thing for the face, could use some smoothing as well.

Nice sculpt and nice looking shaders, very cartoony ,I agree with LiMuBei, the chest and the upper part of the arm look weird, confuses me a little. Did you painted some parts over the render?.

looks weird because it’s a suit with a worm in it ^.~ I agree though, it shouldn’t look lumpy.

Thanks guys for your input. I’m going to try and work on it this weekend. I might try and make the whole body and repose him too, but first I’ll work on the body. Thanks again!