Earthworm - L. terrestris

Another biology project. Not nearly as good as the previous one,but I’m running out of time, so it will have to do.

A few notes:
1, I think it’s too dark, and the labels’ white is a bit distracting, but if I make it brighter it looks overexposed.
2, male reproductive organs are missing. They are actualy covered by the vesicula seminalis on both sides. They are testis, ductus efferens and ductus deferens.
3, Segments are not numbered correctly, for example the first receptaculum seminis should be in the 9th segment.
4, Every metanephridium should connect to the wall that separates the segments (dissepimentum), but as segments are just there for illustrative purposes and are not modelled, they don’t :slight_smile:
5, “vérér” means blood vessel.

Maybe you could try putting your text in transparent grey boxes? :wink:

Thanx, I figured it out, I need smaller letters, like on the other two :slight_smile: