Ease-in, Ease-out Controls

I don’t know why I can’t find a simple answer on where these controls are… maybe I’m searching for the wrong thing, or maybe I just suck at Google? :confused:

Basically, I have a character walk cycle and I need to change the curve on the first and final keyframes of my animation so that it doesn’t come to a gradual rest when the cycle repeats. I remember in 3ds Max there were simple Ease-in/Ease-out type presets to control the curves on each keyframe. Does Blender have something similar to this?


There is something like this for the game engine. but idk what you’re looking for.

I don’t think there’s such a tool in Blender (yet). Handle tweaking one key at a time is the only way to adjust ease in/out (I think so anyway). But there’s a fast way to do what you want (no easing). Change those keys to vector handles.

Check the key menu in dopesheet or graph editor, or shortcut key-V for Handle Type menu popup.

If you want to change the handle type on all keys in a frame key-K with a key selected or Ctrl-K to select all keys on the present frame.

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This is something you do in the graph editor. It requires a small bit of animation knowledge. If you need details please post back with questions or check a video online for explanation of ease in and out.

Thanks guys! Setting the handle type to vector on the first and last frame is giving me the result I want.