easier hotkeys for Vertex, Edge and Face modes.. how?

Hello guys,

I want to set easier shortcuts to switch between Vertex, Edge and Face modes. I don’t want to press Ctrl+Tab then 1,2 or 3 to switch between them especially when simply pressing 1,2 or 3 does nothing in edit mode(i know it may be used during actions like moving vertices or adding edge loops but you can’t switch modes while doing them either).

In user preferences I could only find a ‘call menu’ action with ‘ctrl+tab’ assigned to it. So how can I add individual hotkeys for each mode? I got no clue… :frowning:


Set your own custom shortcuts in File / User Preferences / Input / 3D View / Mesh

1 - vertex selection
2 - edge selection
3 - face selection
4 - vertex + edge + face selection


Wow Richard… Its working… but what an odd way to set up hot-keys :confused:

wish it was default

Thank you