Easier object selection?

I am trying to find an easier method for selecting objects. When I have a scene with over 100 objects, it would be nice to be able to select an object from a list or something, but I haven’t been able to find anything close to that. I tried the oops window, but selecting an object in that window will only highlight the object in the 3d window, but not make it the current selection. Even with it highlighted, small objects mixed in with other small objects are hard to select out. Is there an easier way to select objects, other than zooming in and right clicking on it?



a selects and deselects all objects, b can be used to box select objects.

try putting things on different layers. - select what you want and then press ‘m’ and select a layer. You can also press the ‘b’ key and select things in a box. Using both of these might make life a little easier.

Thanks for the tips.

I’ve been using the b key alot, but sometimes not the answer. I imported over a hundred objects (all in the same layer) that were close together. I needed to select objects individually to update the material properties - that is when the problem of selecting small objects close together came into play.

It would be nice to have something like the object window in Wings :slight_smile:


Short answer: Shift-F4

There IS an OOPS window,


is another answer.


Three years with Blender and still learning things…this is very useful when you import a (big) model from the ldraw program.

To make an object the active object when using the OOPs window, hold down the Ctrl key when you right mouse click the object block. The Link key [L] also works in the OOPs window; give it a try (also try key modifiers, ie. Shift…) to discover what they do.

Schlop’s advice of using the Data browse window may be more what you are looking for though.

You guys are awesome, thanks!

Knew about the oops window, but not about the Ctrl-right click method (JarellSmith). And Shift-F4 (Schlops) is the ticket I think.

Now my object selection just got easier :slight_smile: