I really have a hard time building the doors on my cars and for this model I wish to take an easier path to making it just someone please tell me how to do it from this image.
sory having problems sendind it just helpanyway


Can you find an example of a car door similar to the picture you have having a problem uploading? Try google images.

I would start with an outline and look at the door from the side until you have the windows and major details in the mesh

its ok i got it now basicaly how would u do it an easier, looking at the door area on this image.


please help out its really a big problem for me not knowing this.

Box-select (B-B) the about 20 vertices around the empty room around door. Duplicate them, dont move (Shift-D-Enter). Separate them §, and change to object mode to select the newly separated path of vertices. Go back to edit mode and connect the upper vertices (F).

EDIT: Here i forgot the facing: I think you can go from top to bottom, selecting two vertices from left and two from right, and each time hitting F, which makes a face for you. It seems you have quite nicely corresponding verteces each side, so this should go quite easy. It can be even faster if you choose edge selecting instead of vertex selecting.

I dont know if this is come to be a car without a roof or not, is it 2 or 4 door model, but you can start the doors that way, without thinking a roof nor the side windows. Just make the lower part ready. (btw. some english speakers: what are these car parts called, the temporary roof, side windows, the wind shield?)

We’ll try to help you later then again.

thanks for the reply i’ll be waiting for more help snifix and others

thanks for the key short cuts as well inever knew u could seperate like that.

by the way it’ll be an aston martin rapide, more or less

The solidify selection tool works a lot faster. Try it out. I took a screen shot where u can find it. It is located under the scripts folder.