Easier Way to File Merge?

Sorry to say this, but I think file merging in Blender is a pain in the neck. If I have a character setup I want to bring into another file, I ususally have to go through pages upon pages of Libraries just to bring him or her in. It’s especially bad if I have a complex Bone assembly.
Am I just not doing something right here, or what? I don’t especially like having to look through a tonna libraries for one thing.

Thanks in advance!

For complex arrangements I just import the entire scene and then just link/copy stuff between scenes.


Are your referring to the “Append” feature?

Am I just not doing something right here, or what?

If you want to Append an Object you goto the Object lib, a Scene, goto the Scene lib. All the rest are Data that get Appended to the relevant DataBlocks. What could be easier?


What could be easier?

You can’t import assemblies of things. For this we would need to be able to import a hierarchy. Right now if you have a base object and import it the children of that object have to be imported seperately. Same thing with constraints/rigs etc.