Easier Way To Model??

So I was modeling a car. I was in edit mode with the blueprints of the car laid out. The hood of the car had like 200 vertices or so. I was modeling for one whole hour, just for the hood. Now I am doing the rest of the car and I was wondering if there are any ways to model easier. Thanks.:yes:

P.S. I am new to blender so please don’t suggest something to far fetched for a beginner.

A- if your not using them already, use modifiers. Mirror mode allows you to make half the car, and subdivide surface allows for a much smoother end result.

B- Edit as many vertices as possible at the same time. I find it much faster to get a general shape then go back and edit vert by vert.

I dont know your specific workflow so I cant recommend more then that.

Model out the minimal shape and let the subsurf modifier do the rest.

I haven’t modeled a vehicle yet but i would o it something like this:


AudiR8.blend (875 KB)

If you are also new to polygonal modeling, you shouldn’t be modeling a car. You are trying to learn and execute everything all in once by performing a rocket surgery.

Would suggest easier and smaller subject matters for learning, which will provide a challenge but don’t take ages to complete. Coffee cups, tables/chairs, even simple characters is where it’s at. Could even try and model the rocket in the picture above.