Easiest way to do this? Let wheels/suspension react to displacement ground?

Hey guys,

So for an animation, I have this scooter. (which is a lot of seperate objects parented to 1 empty).
The client wants a simple shot to show that the suspension works. So I want to make the following shot

  • sideview of the scooter, which is not moving
  • the ground beneath the scooter is a bit bumpy/wavy, and is moving under the scooter
  • the shot shows the wheels turning, and adapting to the ground displacement
  • the shot also shows the suspension of the wheels reacting to the ground

I have no experience with rigging motorvehicles, but I feel their might be an easier way since its just this shot that I need (no turning or following a path or something)

Can somebody tell me the easiest way to achieve this?

Perhaps use an Empty that’s moving with the bike, and has a Shrinkwrap constraint on, with target mesh being the ground and some distance. Then you could use that Empty to drive your suspension.

This is about the easiest way I have seen to do what you want…

Thank you for your answer! I have managed to get the wheels rotating and following the displacement of the ground…

but… Can you explain how I would use the empty to 'drive’my suspension? Im not sure how to do that