Easiest way to draw a line?

The other day at work I had to produce a quick animation with labels. I made the geometry and labels easily but was stuck on how to quickly animate a drawn line to attach the label to a spot.

What would be the quickest and easiest way to create a straight line from point a to point b? And then what is the easiest way to do that with a little circle at the end, like a point node?

I know this is a simple question but I want to find the most efficient and easiest to set up approach.

If i have to do something like this i usually use geometry with the hook modifier.

Oh ok. Hooks it is then I guess. I think that I might create a .blend of useful bits so I don’t have to create them all the time.

Couldn’t you just use a curve? Increase the bevel_depth above 0.0 to make it visible to the render system (and enable the Start/End) and then simply animate the bevel_end_factor. This is Blender’s equivalent of the After Effects Stroke along mask effect.

Oh cool, thanks Atom. I guess that would win a “build effect race”.

Atom this along with your relay addon would be awesome for mograph backgrounds. Hmmm. Doing a tut on that right now…

simple track mographic.blend (584 KB)

Ok, so following Atom’s advice I made a beveled curve (vector for straightness) in 30 secs, constrained it to a plane and added a hook as doublebishop said to track spot on screen. All up 1 minute to achieve… doh.