easing question(s)

I was animating (keyframes) some billiard balls and ran into some trouble. Basically I would do the following

  1. Key frame the location from point of impact into the pocket
  2. Key frame the rotation by guessing how many rotations the ball would do
  3. On a couple of the ball animations I used “ease in” on the last location keyframe (using the fcurve editior to get the ball to ease in to the pocket.

However I could not figure out how to properly apply ease in for the rotations so it would kind of match what was occurring with the location easing.

My questions are…

  1. What is the best way to apply easing to rotation keyframes, and should they be applied to all 3 of the rotation?

  2. Is there anyway of applying easing in the dope sheet?

There might be different ways to do it, and so it would depend of your animation and the rigs you use. But usually yes, I would do an easing on the keyframe of 3 axes.

You could select your key in the dope sheet and use the “T” key to choose what kind of easein you want… but I don’t think it will do it. I believe that you need to use the curve editor!