Easter Bunny

here’s a quick render I made recently.

I was hoping to get this one featured on BlenderNation, didn’t happen though.

Nice image, he kind of looks like plastic though. :wink:

cute bunny :smiley:

yes that`s true,
you should try to add a hair particle to the bunny :stuck_out_tongue:
and use some composition guides on the camera settings

It actually does have a fur system, however I was trying out Cycles and it doesn’t support hair. Here are some previous renders with the fur.

(just in case it isn’t clear, I already made the bunny a while ago, I just did this for Easter.)

No there’s a cute wunny wabbit. :o

hah the hair looks amazing :slight_smile:
I would work a bit on detailing the model on the front legs and texture if you want to go with a realistic look.
but again nice hair render.
Nice Easter bunny ^^

Sorry I probably didn’t make it quite clear. I already modelled the bunny a while ago, I’ve been using him as sort of a mascot for my blog, however I just created another render of him with some Easter eggs for Easter. He’s not a character that I created for Easter.