Easter egg painting challenge

Hello fellow blenders!

I am a big fan of procedural texturing in Blender so I have tried to get my head around how to create various patterns via texture input in the node setup.

I want to explore how far I can go. Admittedly, from a practical point of view, this is maybe going too far with procedural textures, but I believe that you sometimes have to go beyond the limit to gain sufficient insight on a topic.

So here is my challenge - let’s paint some beautiful eggs for the coming Easter season! While this is not a contest (there is no prize I should add) I hope that some of you will pick up the challenge with the opportunity to show off and earn the title: “Blender Egghead” :eek: I therefore hope that you will share your blend files or make a screen shot of the node setup so everyone can learn some interesting stuff.

I am including my blend file used for my first attempt so feel free to take a look and use the rig setup if you feel like it.

Happy blending!


Easter egg.blend (2.38 MB)

The Golden Egg.


Here is my entry…:slight_smile:

Here’s mine.
I used your eggs and just changed the materials.
What do you think of them?

Great eggs SpicyPickle. Are they pickled? :slight_smile:

Hi magick.crow!

I really like the coloring. Keep up the good work :o

Happy to see your efforts on this!

I am working myself on creating further patterns. I think I will share my specific challenge with you. Anyone care to give it a try to create this one with procedural textures?

I am thinking at least a handful brick textures … :smiley:


You did well on the color scheme I think - very fresh

You actually managed to make the two eggs at each end look hand painted with the paint looking transparent.

Maybe you could consider applying that paint texture on top of the material in the .blend file named “Basic Egg”. Then you would get a row of natural looking eggs (with random coloring) but with the hand paint on top. I would like to see that :eyebrowlift:


I was working out the pattern that would need to be created by the bricks or whatever.

Hi, here’s my entry. I definitely learned a lot about procedural textures during this project.

Awesome - I’m glad if you got something out of it as well :smiley:

Thank You :slight_smile:

Ok, I did. :slight_smile:

Here is an egg with some “magic touch” :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed they are! :wink: Thank you for the compliment sir.

Here is six more…i hope you will like it…

Love em. I did not have much hope for this contest at first but it is really turning out some cool stuff and I am starting to get excited about it!

Thank You :wink:

Shahzaib, I think your purple white egg used about the same shader as my gold pink one.