Easter egg painting challenge

I have no idea how you guys are doing these, but they’re some of the coolest Easter eggs ever. Maybe the winner could do a bit of a tutorial for n00bs.

Do you have the blend? Go through it and understand the nodes. If you have problems go to blender guru and read the node into that he has there. The other clue. You have textures nodes. These output say a sine wave if this number is over 0 or under we use a color ramp to pick which color for 1 and which of -1. Just play with the nodes and be sure use UV unwrap and the input but you can try others too. A great way to learn texture nodes.

D’oh. I missed that there were some blends in the thread. I’ll grab them and take a look. Cheers.

magick.crow my purple white egg is just a mix of noise and voronoi texture & yours…

Gumboots its very easy as magick.crow said…Just play with the nodes mix one texture with other…:wink:

Here is a new egg tut I made. Not saying this is the best way, just a way. The egg is also simple. No texture etc


Thanks. I’ll see if I can make sense of it. :smiley:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Vrolijk Pasen
Happy Eastern

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They are beautiful - well done!

I think its fair to say that we have a “Blender Egghead” :smiley:


Nice touch on the transparency theme!


Very nice work @Trirop

Going to see if I can do a set of 4, here’s first attempt, dragon egg, 1 procedural material, I’ll post blend file when I hopefully get the others done have posted messy node set up I need to tidy it up a little!

AO in the cracks (I mean the small cracks not the major node cracks.) might help define the texture better.

that a good idea I thought it was missing something, I might need to fake it as there’s no real geometry there just bump maps in the texture let me have a fiddle :slight_smile:

There is an AO node. Could that work without verts??? You could always bake it. Also there is a new tool for that in the paint part of texturing in 2.74. Have not played with these things yet, so I don’t know their limits.

Like this ? I think it looks more organic now ? faking it with colour mix nodes not really AO but it gives more variation I think, I was trying to stick to the procedural theme.

Ya, that is what I was thinking. I think I would go half way between. I would love to see your node setup to get that effect. I have been playing all morning with ways to do it and have found nothing good!

PS Artistically I find the effect overdone now. Perhaps just a hint of it?? It looks sort of like those bubbles you see in puddles full of green slime. :slight_smile:

I’ll share it all when i’ve done eggs and made it a bit more sane! will back it off a bit, thanks so much for feedback it’s really helped me, working on egg 2 at the moment but will get the others done as well to avoid spamming the thread with my working out :slight_smile: