Easter Egg

This is my easter-project 2015. I have to admit it’s not too complex and the background is really lazy, but i like the shaders. And it’s probably my most spontaneous project, so far, because i only worked two days on it and didn’t thougt as much as usual about composing and colors.
This whole project just came step by step into my mind and I worked on it meanwhile…and by the way: the shader of this metallic thing on his palm was an accident, because blender connected the factor output of a noise-texture-node with the normal input of another noise-texture and this was the result. But i liked it so it made it’s way into the final version…
And there’s jet one more intresting thing about this and this is my progress. Last year, i made an easter-project, as well and i desided to compare my easter-eggs…and i cant wait to see my next years easter project… :smiley: