Easter eggs on a retro table top

I created this project late last year to experiment with Yaf(a)ray and its depth of field possibilities. I created the table top texture in Adobe Illustrator and found the egg holder wood texture on Maxwell
Renderer’s materials database. If anyone needs free high quality textures that also include associated exponent, bump and displacement textures, check out their page.

Chris Hovey


looks good! Only a little more texturework on the eggholders, and it would look real!

I like the realism of the pebbly texture on the pink egg. Is it there on the other 2 eggs? I can’t see it.

I can see a texture seam on the base of the cups, although maybe that’s supposed to be there.

I also agree that the green and brown egg don’t look textured.

It looks great! The lighting is nice, but I agree…the green egg could use some texturing.

Great job though!

Agreed - The bumpy texture on the pink egg is very nice, though it could be a tiny bit more subtle. There’s something that’s not quite right with the tabletop though – its too perfect and matte.

Thanks for all of your input. I either forgot the green egg UV map or my scaling was way too small. I need to find the source file again and fix these. I agree about the tabletop too. It needs a fresnel reflection with low IOR to give it specularity.

Just a few small things:

  1. The eggs are all planted perfectly straight up in the holders. I think they need to be leaning slightly against the sides.

  2. I agree. The supporting surface (table?) area is too perfect. Give it some slight wear and tear or wrinkle it a bit.

  3. The eggholder textures are showing the same repetitive pattern on each. Just slightly change the one from the other. The human brain is always looking for a pattern and it is fairly obvious you used the same texture on every eggholder.

But all in all - very nice!