Easter eggs

Hi all,

Here is some easter eggs. Hope you like chocolate :wink:
This was done in cycle; 350 passes for the first image and 750 passes for the next one.

I made a first attempt of mixing a 3D object into a background image:

I’m happy with the shadow (espacially with my beginner skill :p) but the basket still seems sticked on the background.
Does someone has any tips to improve this? :slight_smile:

it’s quite dark, it could use more lights.

I don’t think it’s the lighting, because dark objects are right next to bright objects. Adding more lights will just make everything white. Maybe increase the specularity of the dark objects or make them with brighter colors.

The second render is a 3d basket and eggs composite on top of a 2d image. So I believe the 3d render requires more lights in order to mimic the 2d scene lighting.

So i will put mine to little card for my family company…