Eastern European inspired Sci Fi thing

Hey, this is a project I’ve been working on for a while and I genuinely got stuck on it so as a way to motivate myself to actually finish it sooner rather then later I’ll keep updating this thread. Any feedback would be greatly apricated. The thing I ran in as a problem doing this project is actually pacing myself and thinking smartly about what I’m gonna do and how I’m gonna do it, mostly from an artistic perspective but I’ve also made a few mistakes with modeling up until now.

I’d make some of the windows on the buildings lit. It’ll add some visual interest and can be used to enhance the composition. The balcony in the back especially needs some lighting.

It doesn’t look particularly sci-fi yet.

I put this project on ice for longer then I’d like and I can totally make excuses but for real I was just kinda letting myself be lazy. Anyways, I started working on the lighting like Nanoglyph said, and testing adding a more common sci fi element like a LED screen.

Ayo new update, I’m playing with the colors

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