Easy $50 for anyone who can solve this problem

Hello I have a Daz character in blender. And I have animation from a I clone character in the form of a meshed FBX. And I have Auto rig Pro in blender. Again everything is in blender my problem is I am having an issue retargeting the Daz bones to the Iclone bones. I will pay anyone $50 for a 100% working Autorig Pro mapping preset for this. please help!

Not: if your solution involves re-rigging or auto rigging the daz character that’s not what i am looking for.

Iv provided the scene above for you to test.

Here is my Autorig Pro preset which needs fixing
IClonetoDaz.bmap (3.0 KB)

Again I’m paying anyone $50 for a full working solution to this problem.

(Short answer here)
Just a refersher if anyone can demonstrate autorig pro preset working fine, on my iclone anim to daz character blender scene. I will pay them $50

(Long answer here)
Hello if you can demonstrate your autorig pro mapping preset on my daz character, or fix mine (provided in forum) and show my iclone7 bone animation (walk sit anim, provided in forum) successfully remapped on the daz character then I will pay for the remapping preset.

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