(Easy Blender Q) Is this normal with Ctrl Z?

Ok. I’m running 2.5.8 64 bit on 64 bit Win 7.

I’ve noticed sometimes if I for example, Take a cube, Go into edit mode, Scale one face of the cube in and then extrude in, And then do that to the other sides, And then CTRL Z on my keyboard, I may have to press CTRL Z once or twice for hit to work. It doesn’t do it all the time, But I guess it’s not rare, Either. May be common for me.

Is that normal?. I think it’s always done that for me. Even back when I had Vista.


hmmm may be something wrong with your CTRL or Z key…it works perfect every time I try it.

also Im on 64 bit windows as well

That’s fine. I’d rather get an external keyboard than a new comp. Lol

EDIT:Thanks btw!

One last thing to add:

Is it possible that my CTRL and Z keys are a little messed up, And that Blender is more sensitive to that than other programs?. I think Blender is the only program it happens in. But I don’t think it’s as bad as it used to be.


its quite possible, although I dont see why it would do that, post a .blend of the exact thing you do when you have this problem and Ill check again, in case Im doing something wrong

Doesn’t seem to be a specific thing. I think it does it(When it does it). no matter what my scene is.

Thanks for helping! If I could ask one more thing, Instead of having to create a new thread, Is it normal to be able to zoom(Mouse scroll wheel) into a cube, A plane extruded up, Etc in perspective but not in orthographic?. In ortho I can touch the outside but I can’t get in.


with earlier builds of 2.5, I had the same problem. I would have to hit cntrl z twice to undo anything.
Other actions however, such as R, then Z would work fine. After the stable release the problem seemed to have disappeared. It was on 64bit-Ubuntu build, that I noticed it. However same file on 32 bit XP cntrl z worked fine.