easy camera switching


is there a shortcut that allows switch the view between several cameras in the scene?
Right now I got to go out of the current camera view to select an other camera in the scene and then have to push shift+0 to bring the view to the selected camera.

The shortcut I am looking for makes it possible to switch the current view with one klick to another camera!
hope theres something like that!

I don’t know if there is a shortcut for that or why you would want one but there’s a way to do that using timeline and markers. Markers are used if you want to animate a dialog between characters or something.

If you have many cameras, only 1 can be active at one time but with markers you can change when.
Place a camera, make it active and point it at the target, then place a marker on the timeline by pressing M and bind the camera to that marker with ctrl+B. Then move some frames forward on the timeline, 20-40 or so and place another camera, marker and bind the camera to that marker. Now when you move on the timeline, you change cameras.
To get that hotkey, you can place keyframes between the markers (I used visual location keyframes, doesn’t matter) and now you can use up and down arrow keys to change between camera views.


Thank you JA12 that helped me out a lot!

The purpose was to switch quickly
between different cameras, so that
I can see very fast wich camera suits best for that particular moment…