Easy conversion degrees<>radians?

Most rotation values in Blender are displayed in degrees, but sometimes you need to convert to radians.

Is there a feature that allows you to work in just one or the other?

are you looking for displaying units in radians?
properties panel > scene tab > units > rotation

perfect. i’m deleting my answer now so it doesn’t distract from this one.

And … “360 degrees = 2*pi radians”

Specifically, I’m following a tutorial that at one point uses a Driver, and the driver has an expression (Javascript??) in it. From the presenter’s remarks it seems that radians are used there. Which is unfortunate because you get degree approximate values as you work up to it.

Since it’s been a long time since math class, I just wanted a Q&D divisor. Or multiplicand. (LOL, I got the right #, but …ok, I think I got it. Aging SUCKS.) It would be simpler for a rough & ready solution if I worked in radians all along.