Easy diagonal extrusions?

Hey, all,
I apologize if the answer to this is blatantly obvious, but I’m getting used to Blender 2.5 and some of the things I should know have fallen out of my head…

Is there a way to make diagonal edges with extrusions? Basically, I’m trying to make “before” into “after” (see attachments). So far, I’ve been extruding one part and making the diagonal face with (F), but when I’m working with subdivided planes and I want to make a diagonal that spans more than one square… it’ll get tedious. Is there an elegant way to make the diagonal in a single keystroke?


There is no way that I know of, possibly because most of us are trying to avoid triangles whenever possible. You want a key that creates them? You are my arch enemy. :mad:

(I’m kidding of course. but not about the triangles, don’t eat them - they are poisonous)

Yes, I know about triangles, but they are sometimes unavoidable… I’m very fond of angles in my architecture, but this thing has been bugging me for a while now.

This may not be faster but it works. Select face, Ctrl + T to make Quads to Triangle, than delete unwanted face. If face get split the wrong diagonal, Ctrl + Shift + F to flip diagonal.

That works, though I have to delete the faces that will not be there beforehand, otherwise the edges flip weirdly.

I was actually thinking something along the lines of extruding a region, but keeping the surrounding edges intact, kind of like ripping a mesh (except in reverse). Then again, I’m only using this for 2D planes, so I guess that kind of feature would be useless in a real 3D mesh (the original region would be hidden inside the mesh). Maybe I’ll write a script for the behavior I want;)

an indirect way of dong it might be to use bezier curve then convert to mesh !

did you try that ?

if you mean making a triangle like 45 / 45 or 30 /60

then i’m gone come out with a script to do that soon !